Хлеб в подарок

In occupied Crimea, Kerch officials in expensive fur coats held a photo session presenting medals and bread loaves to veterans.

Officials handed out loaves on the anniversary of the lifting of the so-called “blockade” of Leningrad. According to the press service of the Kerch City Council, today eleven people who survived the “blockade” (Stalin’s Holodomor) in Leningrad live in Kerch.

Recall that historians call the “blockade of Leningrad” a fake of Soviet propaganda. After all, there really was no blockade of the city of Leningrad. There was no encirclement of the city of Leningrad during the Second World War. The term “blockade of Leningrad” was coined to transfer the blame on the Germans for mass deaths among civilians. Military enterprises in the “blocked” Leningrad continued their work, while hundreds of tanks, armored vehicles, dozens of armored trains and millions of shells left the city, bypassing the “blockade”.

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