In the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, agents of the Russian special services in the Donbass unexpectedly “discovered” and “recorded” an outbreak of smallpox. This was reported in the so-called “people’s police of the DPR.” “During the inspection, 17 cases of the AFU OSPO soldier’s disease were detected,” an “official representative of the People’s Police Department of the DPR” said at a briefing.

The last case of smallpox was recorded in the late 70s. The smallpox virus has long been considered completely defeated, but there are samples of the virus in two research laboratories in the world – in the United States and … Russia (which, undoubtedly, leaves the probability of the return of the disease).

Thus, the Russian curators of illegal terrorist gangs “DPR”, through controlled media, prepare the community for their new bacteriological attack against the civilization of democratic countries.

The information was voiced by a certain Nikitin Oleg Olegovich, born in 1988.

From various open sources it is known that in the laboratories of the Russian State Scientific Center for Virology and Biotechnology “Vector” (in the village of Koltsovo), along with the viruses of Ebola and hepatitis, there is also a vanquished smallpox virus. In Russia during the Soviet Union, during the Cold War, the possibility of using smallpox viruses as a weapon was investigated. In Soviet times, it was the “Vector” team that worked on the creation of such biological weapons.

Why does Russia need an epidemic?

What is the interest of the leadership of the Putin regime in creating epidemics around the world? I explain the simple logic of the actions of Russian bandits and international terrorists.

I affirm that the Russians launched a bacteriological war against the world community because of the sanctions imposed on them for the attack on Ukraine in 2014 and the occupation of part of Ukraine. A test attack was conducted by Russians in the UK in the city of Salisbury against their scout defector, according to the results – successfully. The first blow was inflicted on China. The motivation for the attack is that Russia owes China more than $ 40 billion for the Power of Siberia pipeline. There was an agreement to pay oil at current prices. However, oil prices fell 3 times, which means that oil should be given to the Chinese for free 3 times more. Russia does not have such volumes for China over the next 30 years. The top Moscow leadership decided to destabilize the political and economic situation of their lender using bacteriological weapons in the form of a coronavirus (COVID-19). But the situation got out of control, China coped with the Russian attack. Will Europe, USA, Ukraine cope with the Russian bacteriological attack now?

The Russian blow hit Italy, Germany, the USA, Spain, and Ukraine. The pandemic of the virus takes on an “avalanche” uncontrolled character in Europe and the USA.

… And then Russia appears, proposing to lift the sanctions of the United States and Europe in exchange for an antidote to the plague of the 21st century, which they themselves developed in the Federal State Budgetary Institution “State Scientific Center of the World Bank“ Vector ”, they threw them into China (and not only), creating new foci around the world and not letting the old ones subside, they sow panic, escalating hysteria, trying to plunge the civilized world into chaos, paralyzing the economy.

This is the doctrine of Putin’s hybrid warfare in other countries. The doctrine of war of controlled chaos in the states chosen by the victims of the Russian attack or interests. And here is the result of a Russian hybrid attack on Europe.

Did the Russians probably inflict a bacteriological defeat on Europe? Now they are blackmailing the governments of European countries, offering assistance in the fight against coronavirus infection in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions for the attack on Ukraine in 2014 and the occupation of Ukrainian territory. Also, European countries will be offered to buy only Russian oil and gas in exchange for a vaccine against the “Chinese virus”.

I ask the United Nations and the leaders of the states, how many more come-outs do you need from the Russian Mordor? People of planet Earth, Russians are simply terrorizing and blackmailing you, achieving their political goals!

There is a suspicion that the Chinese will finally understand where this scam came from, who planted it on the Wuhan market, and will make the investigation public. It is time to start an international investigation into the involvement of Russian special services in the annual “epidemics” and “pandemics” produced by the Federal State Budgetary Institution Scientific Center of the World Bank “Vector”. Otherwise, next year the world will receive something of a terrible new-type coronavirus. For example – smallpox, about which the DPR terrorists are already talking.

Роман Мирою
Roman Mirou (real name is undercover) - the citizen journalist, resident of the occupied Donetsk (Donbass). The author of journalistic investigations about the crimes of Russian aggressors. Before the occupation of Donetsk by Russian military units and their accomplices, he studied at the Department of Artificial Intelligence and System Analysis at Donetsk National Technical University. Merciless to the enemies of his state. Today he lives under the motto "Everything for the victory!"