Necrophiles and Russian “Peacekeepers”: a common cause


Day after day from all the mouthpieces of the Kremlin propaganda comes a laudatory ode to the “Russian peacekeepers”. But who do these “peacekeepers” actually support?

Here is one of those whom Russia proudly calls the “liberators” of the Syrian people, the bandit of the Assad Regiment burns the dog alive.

This is not one of the “terrorists” he hates – even if it weren’t even a child or a woman, but an adult man. This is a small dog, guilty only of being born.

Having doused with gasoline, the subhuman joyfully sets fire to a living, innocent creature, bringing him unthinkable suffering … For what ?!

ПJust because these scum in the deceptive guise of a person love to kill, they like to watch the suffering and hear the cries of pain. These pathologies – in contrast to their inherent necrophilia – are called sadism and psychopathy. The army of Assad and Russia consists of such sewage – these also do not disdain to burn people.

As for the necrophiles – this is not for the red words.

Necrophilia is, in fact, not a sexual attraction to corpses, which is actually a special case of this pathology called paraphilia.

Necrophilia is a painful and dangerous hobby for the dead, a passion to carry out any unusual actions with corpses or remains.

These people in the video are a typical example of the representative of the “Assad Army”, which can be either a crazy crazy drug addict from Lebanon or Iran, or a naughty looter, from somewhere outside Assad — here they are, admire: real, all-out necrophiles.

It is they who are opposed today by rebels in Syria.

Judge for yourself the “peacekeeping” of these people!

And what is the dismemberment of the captured Syrian Putin’s mercenaries from PMCs? Putin’s “peacekeepers” videotaped their torture of the unfortunate, cut off still living limbs, and eventually set it on fire, crucifying it upside down.

Nothing good has ever been protected and will never be such abominable methods, for good is protected only by good people.

So what do the open necrophiles protect and bring to the world, not ashamed of their deeds, but proud of them?..

And here’s another video – it’s the city of Haiyan already occupied by the Assad regime – it is not enough for the marauders of the Mode to ruin people’s houses, therefore they started to ruin their graves as well.

Assad spreads wickedness on earth – wherever his power comes, lawlessness, violence, and mockery of the living and the dead begin. And Russia helps and supports him in everything.

Here’s another necrophile – the so-called the “major general” of the Assad regime, whom the Russian propagandist Blokhin loves and respects, as well as the whole bunch of other litter from propaganda, and who himself considers it valor to be photographed against the background of a corpse he had been trying to dismember and hanging on a holder for an air conditioner.

From the point of view of medicine, this is not a completely innocent entertainment, this scoundrel is a clear psychopath. I’m silent about what this bastard did to that person, which made his body resemble a shapeless bag, and some parts of the body lying separately on the ground had to be masked with Photoshop.

And shameless propaganda broadcasts that they are liberators and defenders of the Syrian people. Hear it – remember these frames.

Yes, this is a war. But some on it remain people – while others cease to be them. And from here a reasonable question arises: were those other people before?..

The answer of the Syrian resistance fighters to Assad mercenaries who scoffed at the graves:

“What you have done is the norm for you, because you are not a human being or a wicked one!”
These are the graves of your dead (Shiites, Nusayrites) and we have the strength and ability to destroy them, but we will not do this, because our religion and temper do not allow us to do this.
That’s why we will defeat you, because we represent truth and good, and you are a lie and an abomination!
The Lord of the Worlds will help only the just and God-fearing! ”

Putin maniacs in the Donbass

In Ukraine, in the Donbass, Putin’s “orcs” also managed to leave a mark and “become famous” for their sadism, manic craving for torture and dismemberment. Many times, Putin’s mercenaries posted their photographs to the Web amid the murdered Ukrainian military. In particular, the most famous maniac is the hero of the Russian media Alexey Milchakov, as the commander of the Rusich DShRG. This “Russian warrior” began with photos of cutting off the heads of puppies, and “grew up” before posting on the social network with photos of his own dismemberment of the corpses of Ukrainian soldiers. So, in 2015, Milchakov uploaded his photos of corpses, with disfigured heads, from cut skin to the skull, on the Network with the heading “Debaltsevo`s phantoms”.

According to the latest news, Milchakov is visiting Syria, joining the ranks of PM “Wagener”.

Psychology of maniacs and serial killers

What does the science of the psychic pathology of these nonhumans say? Psychologists say that there are two known behaviors of criminal maniacs.

For some, the result is important – the death of the victim, and not the concomitant sexual satisfaction. In this case, the killing itself is quick. Others focus on the process of interacting with the victim, leading to her death, and subsequent handling of the body. This behavior is typical of a serial who seeks thrills or asserts his authority.

Some serial killers leave the body of the victim, losing interest after the murder. Others, on the contrary, seek to flaunt it.

It is known that often maniacs experience an orgasm during torture, killing and dismemberment of the corpses of their victims, while in everyday life they experience problems on a sexual basis.

Сергей Ледов
Sergey Ledov - observer of the military conflict in Syria. Historian, teacher. He has been living in Syria for 10 years. The reason for embracing Islam was the study of the reasons for the beginning of the revolution. In social networks, he runs the blog "Inspire", which cuts the truth as it is, dissecting the pathetic attempts of the lying rulers and their henchmen to seem honest, decent and fair.