Flash mob “I celebrate the New Year… under the occupation of Russian sh*t”


At the “celebration” of the New Year in Donetsk on Lenin Square, the protest of the inhabitants of the occupied territory against the Russian invaders was transmitted through an unusual flash mob.

A photo of one of the protesters with an inscription on paper “I celebrate the New Year in Donetsk under the occupation of the Russian sh*t” was published by a local blogger @ya_kak_apelsin on Twitter.

Recall that people on social networks complained that the occupying authorities in Donetsk were forcibly driving them to “open the Christmas tree” to create a picture of general joy and fun in the occupied territory.

Ёлка в Донецке

Ёлка в Донецке 2

Ёлка в Донецке 3

Today, the Russian Federation has occupied one third of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, having created on this territory two quasi-republics “DPR” and “LPR”, which were not recognized by anyone. The Russian authorities put candidates from local traitors  for managerial positions in the captured cities. The budget of the quasi-republics in the captured part of Donbass consists entirely of Russian rubles, while the Russian Federation does not officially have even trade relations with the “DPR” and “LPR”. The presence of the Russian military in the occupied territory of Donbass is not hidden either by the President of the Russian Federation, Putin – at a press conference, he admitted that they “are solving certain issues, including in the military sphere.” At the same time, Russian exclusive military equipment is constantly recorded in the reports of the OSCE observation mission, in amateur photos and videos, and also periodically falls into the hands of the Ukrainian military as trophies and evidence of the Russian invasion to Ukraine.