Forgotten by their country: life of prisoners after torture of Russian militants


The heroes of the video are prisoners of whom the state has forgotten, and which are only taken care of by volunteers. They are not as famous as political prisoners of the Kremlin. These people were simply unlucky to get into the prisons of the Russian invaders and their accomplices for their pro-Ukrainian position. They were held captive in inhuman conditions, tortured, beaten, taken to imitate executions…

These people are patriotic residents of Donbass, they survived after the torture of the invaders, and Ukraine, which they sincerely defended, reacted indifferent to them. They did not betray Ukraine, but the state actually betrayed them without protecting and leaving them without support. One gets the impression that people are left with no choice but to return to occupation, where they have at least their own housing.

The photos by Zoya Shu .