Lukashenko brought propagandists from the Russian Federation, and this is the result …


Belarus’s main state TV channel, Belarus 1, aired news that workers at the plant, where an opposition representative arrived, allegedly chased her away with shouts of “Go away.” This “news” turned out to be a fake. On the real soundtrack, on which the voice of Maria Kolesnikova is heard (the head of the election headquarters of Viktor Babarik, the only remaining colleague in Minsk of the presidential candidate of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovsky), in reality the workers shouted “Lukashenko, go away.”

Russian propagandists, who have taken the place of striking journalists and whose presence is no longer hidden even by Lukashenko himself, may be involved in the creation of that fake. Earlier, it was reported that mastodons of Russian propaganda had arrived in Belarus to support the Lukashenko regime.