On July 17, 2014, a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 passenger aircraft travelling on the international route MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down reportedly by a Russian-made ground-launched BUK missile while the airliner was flying over separatist-occupied territory of Ukraine near the town of Torez. As a result of catastrophe almost three hundred people perished.

Many residents of the town of Debaltseve heard an explosion and saw a large cloud of smoke in the direction of the downing happened. Because at the moment of the explosion there was a very strong wind blowing from the place toward Debaltseve many of the passengers’ personal survived belongings have reached some areas of the town by air to the great surprise of their witnesses. One of such findings that clearly speaks for itself is a printed color newspaper issued in Malaysia exactly just one day before the disaster on July 16, 2014 and related to the URL www.1k.com.my

All available pictures of some of the passengers’ personal belongings and some of the wreckage of the aircraft including the pieces of extremely light thermo-insulation materials are provided by a resident of Debaltseve, our longtime registered reader and contributing author Alexander Sazonov.

It should be recalled that as a result of this tragedy 298 people have died including 80 children.

Алекс Сазонов
Social-political activist, co-founder of "English Speaking Club" in Debaltseve. Ethnic-political Ukrainian refugee from the occupied territory of Donbass, but formally - "internally displaced person". He has been an ideological supporter of Ukraine's accession to NATO since childhood. Has been writing on cultural and artistic topics and NGO life in local media since 1994 and online media since 2007. Today he is engaged in litigation against the Russian Federation for becoming a political and socio-economic victim of Russian military aggression and occupation, which must be legally recognized internationally.