Информационная война против Украины

Americans who are not indifferent to the topic of the Russia-Ukraine War ask me: is it really terror and repression on the territory of of the occupied Donbass? There are no active battles there and they are not shooting. In addition to military experts in the United States, few people understand what is happening here. But society, except for the Ukrainian diaspora, does not need this.

The situation is paradoxical: serious experts on the Ukrainian issue basically understand what is really happening in the occupied territories, but politicians and society do not want to listen to them. There is one simple explanation for this.

After the failure of the blitzkrieg and the signing of the “Minsk-2” Ceasefire Agreement, the Kremlin decided to take a different path. If it is impossible to break, it is necessary to circumvent, discredit and defame. Whom? In the role of the main goal was Poroshenko – “leader of the party of war.” He does not want to carry out “Minsk-2”, to be friend of the fake “republics” of Donbass. Poroshenko as a target for the attack was chosen not because of personal preferences, but only because he was the President of Ukraine. Now the attack is against the “cannibal Zelensky.” This is how the Chekists work according to the propaganda training manual. A lot of money is being invested in this from Moscow.

Moscow is constantly looking for approaches to authoritative media and individual journalists in the US and the EU, offers a lot of money for a paid materials in the media about the mythical Ukrainian “party of war” and bloodthirsty authorities. Sometimes they succeed. As a result, a distorted reality is created, and there the Russian Federation is exposed as a peacemaker.

The Kremlin is allegedly trying in vain to persuade the militant and bloodthirsty President of Ukraine (it does not matter the name) to stop the genocide of “miners” and “tractor drivers” with MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) and howitzers sowing hectares of minefields, so that the NATO legion and imaginary “punitive battalions” do not break through to them.

  • Spectrum is the giant of the US TV market. The content of the Russian-language package represented exclusively by Russian propaganda.

It is naive to think that the goals and objectives of the Russian Federation in the Donbass have changed. No one is going to change anything. The goal remains unchanged. The goal is the capture of Ukraine as a whole. In any way. By bribery of media and journalists, by terror of the population of the occupied territories and by information attacks.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, by the way, the CIA failed greatly on this – the US establishment was more concerned with the issue of controlling weapons of mass destruction of all kinds on the territory of the former union. What KGB generals were doing there in conjunction with bandits – they were not interested. As a result, a gang of Chekists came to power in the Russian Federation and resurrected subversive intelligence work around the world. At that time, there were almost no serious specialists in the USA in the countries of the former USSR who understood the general picture of what was happening.

Putin’s rise to power coincided with the problem of “Al-Qaeda” and Middle East terrorism as a whole. The United States was not up to it, but in the end we now have a tangle of problems around the world, and Putin in the role of “solving” these problems on his own terms.

The war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has been going on for 6 years, and in the Western countries people still do not really understand the role of the Russian Federation in it. In addition to military experts, few understand the role of puppet rulers of fake republics (like Zakharchenko/Plotnitsky) in these events. Politicians and society in the United States do not greatly trust military experts in assessing the threats posed by the Russian Federation and the role of Ukraine in the collective security of the whole world, not only Europe.

In addition, the Russian Federation, through GRU agents, is pumping up money with extreme left and extreme right, some useful idiots, the media and influential media people around the world. Their task is to sculpt the image of Putin the peacemaker and expose the “indefatigable appetite of the military”, they say, there is no threat to the US and NATO, and the generals just want more taxpayer money.

A difficult time has come for Ukraine, when the efforts made give an unobvious and not so impressive result. There is a major long game, and the collective security of the whole world is at stake, because a dangerous psychopath with tactical and strategic nuclear weapons is against Ukraine. The Russian Federation spends a lot of money so that the US does not “notice” it.

Russia attacked Ukraine

The situation is difficult, but not hopeless. In this long game, Ukraine has a perspective, that cannot be said about the Russian Federation. In the arms race that has begun, it is better for Ukraine to be in the same team with the United States, and Putin’s fate is unenviable. The fate of Russia is to fall into obscurity as the raw materials appendage of China with all the ensuing consequences in the form of extinction of the population, hopeless poverty and lawlessness of the repressive colossus of the Chekists.

Instead of a new Yalta Conference of Allies and a redivision of the world by Putin, oblivion awaits. Kremlin is simply scared to start the Great War, because it costs him nothing to capture Ukraine by military ways, but it’s scary to get an adequate answer.