Help spread the truth about us – a Syrian appealed to the world community


A supporter of the Syrian opposition, a participant in resistance to the dictatorial regime of Bashar al-Assad (and part-time war correspondent) Farouk Shami recorded an appeal to the international community with a call to help spread true information about what is happening in Syria. The video was posted on social networks, but it was very quickly blocked due to complaints from the so-called Kremlin troll factory.

Greetings to all who fight for truth and justice. My name is Farouk Shami, and now I am in Syria, where I cover the crimes of Bashar al-Assad and Putin. There is little such news in the Russian-speaking sector, because everyone who covers Putin’s crimes is called terrorists here, and we were also called terrorists.

At the moment, Bashar al-Assad has expelled about 15 million people’s of Syria from their homes, and Putin is helping him. Bashar al-Assad has already managed in these 9 years to kill more than a million Syrians, including children, women and the elderly. You just think about these numbers!

When we talk about this, we are accused of supporting terrorism. When these people defend themselves, they are accused of being terrorists. When someone comes to help them, they are accused of terrorism by the lying Russian media. They are propagandists who call all objectionable terrorists.

We call on everyone who cares, everyone who fights this lie, we call on everyone who does not agree with the occupation of foreign lands, who does not agree with the killing of civilians, who does not agree with the killing of innocent children, women and the elderly, we call everyone who is not indifferent to truth and justice, to help us in disseminating the local news, namely by distributing our videos, our pages on social networks. The Russian media are complaining about us, “trolls”, “bots” complaining about us, you know this, and therefore our request is to help us spread, because they have a lot of “trolls”, and we are very few.

I thank everyone who participates, thank everyone who is for justice and truth. Stay with us!
Assad and Putin would like to discreetly destroy all Syrians who disagree with the regime’s tyranny – and when this does not work out, their pocket propaganda begins to scream about “supporting terrorists”, “illegal Turkish occupation”, “violation of the rights of the legitimate government of Syria”, motivating that “the legal government did not invite”, and at the same time omitting the fact that the legal government is the will of the people – and meanwhile the people have already expressed their will for ten years with the steel “Assad, leave!”. And it is precisely at the will and request of the people that external assistance is now being provided.

Violating all the laws – humanity, morality, as well as invented by the people themselves, the real terrorists Putin and Assad are conducting the violent, bloodthirsty genocide of the Syrian people. And snarl at everyone who is trying to wrest from the stinky mouths of their bloody miserable little body of another Syrian child.

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Sergey Ledov - observer of the military conflict in Syria. Historian, teacher. He has been living in Syria for 10 years. The reason for embracing Islam was the study of the reasons for the beginning of the revolution. In social networks, he runs the blog "Inspire", which cuts the truth as it is, dissecting the pathetic attempts of the lying rulers and their henchmen to seem honest, decent and fair.

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