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Roman Mirou (real name is undercover) - the citizen journalist, resident of the occupied Donetsk (Donbass). The author of journalistic investigations about the crimes of Russian aggressors. Before the occupation of Donetsk by Russian military units and their accomplices, he studied at the Department of Artificial Intelligence and System Analysis at Donetsk National Technical University. Merciless to the enemies of his state. Today he lives under the motto "Everything for the victory!"

This is the intervention of Russia

The Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Moscow admitted that no one is interfering in the country's affairs from outside. “At the diplomatic level, I cannot...

Coronavirus and even smallpox – infection as an ultimatum of the Kremlin to the world

In the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, agents of the Russian special services in the Donbass unexpectedly “discovered” and “recorded” an outbreak...
Россия готовила нападение на Украину

How was the hybrid war against Ukraine prepared? Tolerance to the aggressor leads to the...

This was shown on Russian television in April 2013 - a year before the Russian attack on Ukraine. Russian television was already filming propaganda about...