The Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Moscow admitted that no one is interfering in the country’s affairs from outside.

“At the diplomatic level, I cannot say that there was an obvious interference, as such, it does not exist … Officially, nothing like this happens at the state level,” said the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Moscow, Ermek Kosherbayev, in an interview with the YouTube channel of the propagandist Putin, Vladimir Solovyov.

It is worth noting that the official reason for the hasty dispatch of the foreign contingent of the CSTO to Kazakhstan was precisely motivated by some kind of external interference, which made it possible to apply Article 4 of the CSTO charter.
Now it turns out that there was no outside interference. This is all a lie!

It turns out that the CSTO is not used against external threats. This is just a Sonderkommando that considers the peoples of the bloc member countries to be enemies of the rulers of these countries, and this organization is ready to fight this enemy to the last rifle cartridge.
Bottom line: there was no invasion, there were no 20 thousand terrorists. But foreign invaders – here they are from the CSTO (Russia). And most importantly, battles with no one are still ongoing.

P / S One more goal can be traced in Russia’s actions to occupy Kazakhstan. Entering the international markets for the sale of Russian products that have come under the economic sanctions of Russian enterprises. “JOINT VENTURES” will be created in Kazakhstan, and through them Russian products will be sold on the world market as “MADE IN KAZAKHSTAN” products. Such a cunning multi-pass scheme from Putin. Kazakhstan is the only window for Russian goods to EUROPE and the US. This is how Putin rescues his oligarchs who have come under international sanctions.

Роман Мирою
Roman Mirou (real name is undercover) - the citizen journalist, resident of the occupied Donetsk (Donbass). The author of journalistic investigations about the crimes of Russian aggressors. Before the occupation of Donetsk by Russian military units and their accomplices, he studied at the Department of Artificial Intelligence and System Analysis at Donetsk National Technical University. Merciless to the enemies of his state. Today he lives under the motto "Everything for the victory!"